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An Easy Way to Manage Outdoor Timer Lights with the BN-LINK Smart WiFi Outlet

Transform your outdoor lighting experience with the BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Timer Outlet. Designed with functionality and convenience in mind, this heavy-duty yard stake offers compatibility with popular smart home platforms, allowing you to effortlessly control your exterior timer lights. With customizable schedules, weatherproof features, and a sleek design, this smart outlet is the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

 Schedule and Timer Setting for Automated Control

Never worry about forgetting to turn off your outdoor lights again. With the BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Timer Outlet, you can easily set schedules in advance using your smartphone. This allows you to automate the on/off function of all connected sockets, helping you save energy and reduce your electricity bill. Whether you’re busy or away from home, rest assured that your exterior timer lights will operate according to your preferred schedule. Additionally, the power button located under the durable rain-proof cover allows for manual control when needed.

Perfect for Outdoor Use with Weatherproof Features

The BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Timer Outlet is built to withstand the elements. Featuring IP44 weatherproof housing and individual socket covers, this smart outlet protects against rain and dust. The 6-feet green cord seamlessly blends with your garden, ensuring a visually pleasing outdoor setup. Whether it’s garden lights, landscape lighting, porch fixtures, or even sprinklers, this smart outlet is the ideal choice for all your outdoor lighting and appliance needs.

 Effortless Integration and Versatile Applications

The compatibility of the BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Timer Outlet with popular smart home platforms opens up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s controlling your lights via smartphone or using voice commands with platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, this smart outlet offers seamless integration. Perfect for gardens, patios, fountains, Christmas trees, and more, its versatility extends to both outdoor and indoor applications.


Upgrade your outdoor lighting system with the BN-LINK Outdoor Smart WiFi Timer Outlet. Enjoy the convenience of schedule and timer settings, ensuring automated control of your exterior timer lights. With its durable and weatherproof design, this smart outlet provides reliable performance in any outdoor environment. Seamlessly integrate with your smart home ecosystem and experience the flexibility and convenience of controlling your lights with ease. Enhance your outdoor space and save energy with BN-LINK’s advanced outdoor light switch.

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