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BINMEI Blue Spirulina: Meeting Global Demands with Quality and Reliability

Zhejiang BINMEI  Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a renowned manufacturer specializing in the production of phycocyanin powder. With unmatched manufacturing capabilities, they are dedicated to meeting the global demand for phycocyanin powder wholesale. Their commitment to quality and reliability has positioned BINMEI as a trusted partner for all your wholesale blue spirulina product needs.

Unmatched Manufacturing Capabilities

Global Production Capacity

BINMEI boasts an impressive annual production capacity of 200 tons of phycocyanin, 200 tons of spirulina liquid extract, and 500 tons of spirulina powder. This extensive production capacity ensures a steady supply to meet the growing global demand for blue spirulina.

Collaboration with Institutes and Universities

BINMEI’s collaboration with renowned institutes and universities demonstrates its dedication to innovation and continuous improvement. By leveraging the expertise of these esteemed institutions, BINMEI stays at the forefront of blue spirulina production. Its strong R&D team further ensures the development of high-quality ingredients.

Advantages of Choosing BINMEI

Good Quality and Reasonable Pricing

BINMEI prides itself on delivering blue spirulina products of exceptional quality. Through stringent quality control measures, the company ensures that its phycocyanin powder maintains the highest purity and potency. Moreover, BINMEI offers competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for wholesalers seeking both quality and affordability.

Superior Customer Service

BINMEI believes in building long-lasting relationships with its partners. The company is dedicated to providing superior customer service, ensuring that clients receive prompt assistance and support. BINMEI’s commitment to win-win cooperation fosters trust and reliability, making it a preferred choice among wholesale buyers.


As one of the most influential blue spirulina (phycocyanin) manufacturers globally, BINMEI stands out for its unmatched manufacturing capabilities, commitment to quality, and superior customer service. By choosing BINMEI for wholesale, businesses can confidently meet the global demand for blue spirulina while enjoying the benefits of working with a reliable and reputable supplier. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, BINMEI is ready to assist you in ensuring a successful holiday season. Contact BINMEI today to explore the possibilities of partnering for success.

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