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Enhanced Stability and Adjustable Heights of SmallRig FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307

SmallRig presents the FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307, designed to provide enhanced stability and adjustable heights for videographers. With its reverse-folding legs for increased stability and easy transportation, as well as its adjustable working height of up to 185cm for versatile shooting angles, this tripod ensures a solid foundation for your video projects.SmallRig delivers a tripod that seamlessly combines stability, flexibility, and compatibility with V-mount battery, empowering videographers to achieve their desired shots with confidence. Now, let’s discover the features that make the SmallRig FreeBlazer CT195 4307 the perfect choice for stability and flexibility.

Reverse-Folding Legs for Increased Stability and Easy Transportation

The SmallRig FreeBlazer CT195 4307 tripod features reverse-folding legs, which offer increased stability during shooting. The legs can be easily extended and securely locked into position using the quick-release locks. This innovative design provides a reliable foundation, even on uneven terrain, ensuring that your camera remains steady. Additionally, the reverse-folding legs make the tripod compact and easy to transport, perfect for videographers on the move.

Adjustable Working Height up to 185cm for Versatile Shooting Angles

Achieve versatile shooting angles with the SmallRig FreeBlazer CT195 4307 tripod, thanks to its adjustable working height. With a maximum height of 185cm, you can effortlessly capture shots from various perspectives. Whether you need to shoot from a low angle or capture expansive vistas, this tripod allows you to customize the height to suit your creative vision. The adjustable working height provides the flexibility needed for a wide range of video projects.


Immerse yourself in enhanced stability and flexible shooting options with the SmallRig FreeBlazer Aluminum Alloy Video Tripod CT195 4307. This tripod is designed to provide a rock-solid foundation for your camera, thanks to its reverse-folding legs that ensure increased stability during shooting. Additionally, the reverse-folding design makes it incredibly convenient to transport, allowing you to take it on your filmmaking adventures with ease. The adjustable working height of up to 185cm offers versatile shooting angles, enabling you to capture footage from various perspectives and unleash your creative vision.

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