How to select ladies sandals for warmer months

Sandals are a favorite of mine. However, I wait for the weather to warm up before buying new sandals. This is because there are so many summer sandals available for women and it can be difficult to find the perfect pair.

Once you’re aware of your foot shape and the best footwear for you, you can find the perfect pair for you.

Let’s now talk about finding the perfect pair for warmer months

Because of their wide range of styles, eco-friendly ethos, and unique designs, I am particularly proud to mention Earth Spirit. You can read more about the transition and Why Free Spirit here. This brand is my favorite because I love their sandals.


Earth Spirit is known for its comfortable designs made from sustainable materials. There are many styles to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

They are also handmade in Bali with love, making them not only fashionable but also sustainable and environmentally-friendly. You can also choose from a variety of styles and colors, including basic black leather sandals or bright red suede heels. The perfect summer accessory, the Free Spirit sandals make a great first choice when you are looking for summer sandals to wear with your women.

These are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your next pair of Ladies sandals

  1. The sole: You’ll need to ensure your sandals are able to withstand a lot of walking and hiking. Shoes with solid soles made of non-slip materials such as rubber or synthetic leather are best. You can also try Free Spirit sandals that use recycled materials, water-based glues, and vegetable tanned leathers.
  2. The heel height: A taller heel allows your feet to breathe more. However, if you are going on long hikes or taking long walks, a lower heel may make it more comfortable.
  3. The width of your shoe: If you have wide feet, choose shoes with a larger toe box. If they are narrow, opt for narrower shoes!
  4. You can adjust the straps to get a customized fit.
  5. Think about how much arch support is necessary.

Measurements are important

You need to understand your foot type before you can find the perfect sandal for you. There are many factors that determine your foot type:

  • The width of your feet
  • Foot length,
  • Type Arch
  • Instep type,
  • The heel shape, height and distance from the ground (or heel height)
  • Size and shape of the toes
  • The foot shape
  • Toe height above the ground

Ask Elevate your Sole at their shops about these measurements to help you choose the right sandals.

You can invest in sandals that have good ventilation if it is hot outside. Your feet shouldn’t be sweating all day! You can opt for insulated shoes if it is cold. They will keep your feet warm and comfortable. It can be very warm in Britain.

If you are shopping for sandals for windy conditions, make sure they have excellent wind resistance.

Consider what you will be wearing

These can be worn with or without a shirt.

-A dress or skirt?

A pair of jeans?

A pair of shorts?

Are the colors you prefer to match or do they pop?

For colour mixing, I recommend summer sandals for ladies with a thin sole design and a one-strap style. These sandals will provide you with enough support and not be too heavy on your feet. You can match any outfit with a pair that comes in a variety of colors.

Comfort is the most important thing

Make sure your feet are comfortable before you buy sandals. If your feet are swelling from standing or walking all day, try on sandals in the afternoon and evening. They should be comfortable to wear for at least one hour without discomfort or pain.

Wearing sandals or flip-flops can put pressure on your heel, which could lead to blisters.

Let’s take a look at the summary of these tips in 3 easy steps.

You’ll need lightweight, supportive sandals for the warmer months.

Lightweight – Look for sandals for women with a thin sole to make them easy to carry.

Comfortable Ladies sandals should be simple to slip on and take off. It will be easier to get your feet in and you out if there is a wide opening.

Supportive – Look for ladies sandals that have arch support to ensure your feet don’t get sore at the end of the day.

This guide should have been useful in your search for the perfect sandals. For summer sandals for ladies, please reach out if you have any questions. We are happy to help you choose the perfect pair of sandals for your feet.


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