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I hate what my body looks like – How to deal with body shame

You begin to control your calorie intake and debate every bite you eat. At least three times per day, you make it a point that you go to the gym. Your figure is hidden behind baggy clothes. You look for ways to improve your complexion. Your skin is taut, and your body hair is gone.

Although you don’t know when or where it started, you hate your body. It is not what you like about your body. You are unhappy with your appearance and then you beat yourself up about it. You don’t consider yourself beautiful. You only find flaws.

If you find this a part of your daily struggle, you may be a victim to body shame. It was perhaps your peers who were the first to call you out for your appearance. But now, you are body shaming you self.

The effects of body shame

Body shame is more than a collection of words. It’s a metaphorical dagger that cuts through the mind and soul. It causes extreme trauma, which can cause people to feel severe anguish, and lead to mental health problems such as depression, eating disorder, or anxiety. This therapy is offered by Hameed Latif Hospital.

It is crucial that you stop body shame. We live in a society where we are obsessed with our superficial appearance. However, this does not mean that we have to conform to these problematic standards. It is not only detrimental to your self-image, but also to your chances of success in life.

Stop shaming yourself

The good

Try to find the positive in every situation you are experiencing. Write it down if it helps. Then start a journal. Recognize your body for all the wonderful things it does for you.

Everything that our bodies do for us is amazing, from basic tasks like breathing and blinking, to more complex things like fighting disease, and giving birth for women. Instead of dwelling on self-shaming thoughts, consider the amazing things that your body does for yourself.

Stop fat shaming

It is time to end the fat-shaming mentality. You don’t need to worry about society’s obsession with size zero as long as your body is healthy. Being too thin can lead to other health problems.

These thoughts must be stopped. You also need to make a more political statement. You can slap fat shamers, but only respectfully. Stop reading magazines about celebrity body-size. Don’t buy clothes made only for thin people.

Be kind

Don’t beat yourself up or be unkind to others. Your body and you are perfect. You cannot show compassion to others if you don’t. If the world is trying to bring you down, stand up for yourself.

We can be kind to others, but we are often harshest with ourselves. Try to treat yourself as you would others.

Understanding the issue

You weren’t born to hate yourself. You may have had a bad experience that made you dislike yourself. Maybe it was your family or your friends. You may be able to see the influence of societal standards, but it is important to recognize the reality behind your perceptions.

You will soon realize that you did not create the idea of self-hate. You are not responsible for it. This will allow you to let go of the problem.

Get professional therapy

A lot of trauma can be caused by body shame. Body shame can lead to depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation. For some, the problem is more serious. You might find it helpful to seek help from the Best Psychologist in Karachi.

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