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Sunworth Solar Systems: Meeting Your Energy Needs with Precision

Sunworth is a reputable solar system manufacturer specializing in producing custom solar panels. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Sunworth offers  manufacturing of 200W poly solar modules. These modules have seven essential components: a junction box, back sheet, EVA film, solar cells, tempered glass, and a durable frame. This article highlights the advantages of Sunworth’s low-priced  manufacture of 200W poly solar modules. It showcases their years of experience, leading poly-crystalline silicon cell technology, and high transmittance tempered glass.

Years of Expertise as a Solar PV Module Manufacturer

Sunworth has established itself as a trusted solar PV module manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. This longevity demonstrates their expertise and commitment to producing high-quality solar panels. By choosing Sunworth for  manufacturing, customers can rely on the brand’s extensive knowledge and track record in delivering reliable and efficient solar modules.

Leading Poly-Crystalline Silicon Cells and High Transmittance Tempered Glass

Sunworth employs cutting-edge poly-crystalline silicon cell technology in their 200W poly solar modules. These advanced cells ensure optimal energy conversion, maximizing the efficiency of the solar panels. Additionally, Sunworth utilizes high transmittance tempered glass, which allows more sunlight to pass through, further enhancing the overall performance of the modules.


Sunworth is a trusted solar system manufacturer offering manufacture of 200W poly solar modules. With years of experience in the industry, Sunworth provides customers with reliable and efficient solar panels. Their use of leading poly-crystalline silicon cells and high transmittance tempered glass ensures optimal energy conversion and performance. Choose Sunworth for your custom solar panel requirements and experience its commitment to quality, innovation, and affordable solar solutions.

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