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The ClearPetra Family: Providing Urinary Stone Treatment by Wellead Medical

On Thanksgiving Day, Wellead Medical expresses gratitude for the opportunity to provide various healthcare solutions that improve patient outcomes. Introducing the ClearPetra Family, a groundbreaking system designed for continuous flow lithotripsy. This system, developed by Wellead Medical, offers effective and efficient treatment of urinary stones using negative pressure aspiration, eliminating the need for additional devices and saving valuable operating time. Let’s explore the remarkable features of the ClearPetra family and how it is supporting urinary stone treatment.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency with Reduced Intra-Luminal Pressure
The ClearPetra system, part of the Wellead Medical product line, creates a vortex through continuous irrigation and suction. This mechanism significantly reduces the operational (intra-luminal) pressure within the urinary tract. By minimizing pressure, the system enhances surgical safety and reduces the risk of complications, ensuring a safer and more successful procedure. With ClearPetra, Wellead Medical prioritizes patient well-being, offering a reliable solution for urinary stone treatment.

Preventing Stone Retropulsion for Streamlined Treatment
Wellead Medical ClearPetra system’s negative pressure aspiration effectively prevents retrograde stone migration while removing stone fragments. This unique feature eliminates the need for additional stone baskets, forceps, or anti-retropulsion devices, streamlining the treatment process and enhancing efficiency. With ClearPetra, Wellead Medical empowers healthcare professionals to focus on the core task of stone removal, enabling a more precise and effective procedure.

Clear visualization and improved stone clarity
Thanks to continuous irrigation and suction, the ClearPetra system ensures an improved visual field during lithotripsy procedures. Surgeons can now operate with clarity as bleeding and dust storms from stone pulverization no longer obscure their view. Additionally, the system’s design facilitates stone clearance by aggregating stone fragments at the distal end of the ClearPetra sheath. These fragments are efficiently removed through the oblique side port using continuous suction. This advanced feature enhances the overall efficiency of the treatment process.

On Thanksgiving Day, Wellead Medical celebrates the ClearPetra family as a testament to their commitment to providing urinary stone treatment. With their exceptional features, including reduced intra-luminal pressure, prevention of stone retropulsion, improved visual field, and simplified stone clearance, the ClearPetra system offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for lithotripsy. Trust Wellead Medical’s ClearPetra Family for effective urinary stone treatment, saving valuable operating time while prioritizing patient safety and comfort.

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