4 Signs that Tooth Extraction Is Required

Everyone wants a healthy set of teeth that lasts throughout their lives. If you don’t take better care of your teeth, you may need multiple dental procedures. You might need to have your teeth removed in the worst case scenario. A Fairfield dentist may recommend that you have your teeth extracted for a variety of reasons. The thought of having to have a tooth removed can be scary. However, in certain cases, tooth extraction can be necessary for a healthy smile, and good dental health. These are some signs that you may need to have your tooth extracted.

Infected Tooth

There are many ways to repair a tooth that is just beginning to deteriorate, or has a minor cavity. It is not easy to restore a severely decayed tooth to its original condition. Dental crowns can’t compensate for the extent of tooth destruction. Extraction is the only way to remove the infected tooth. You should not attempt to save your severely damaged tooth. The infection and damage could spread to nearby healthy teeth, making them compromised.

Tooth Crowding

There are many reasons why you might have crowded your teeth. You could have an uneven development of your teeth, they could have moved into an unnatural place, or you might have serious malocclusion (bad bit). Overcrowding can also be caused by a single large tooth obstructing your other teeth, or a double-tooth.

Whatever the reason, crowding causes strain on adjacent teeth. This can cause jaw discomfort, as well as other dental problems. Overcrowded teeth can also prevent other teeth from coming out, making it difficult for dentists to perform any dental procedures such as cleanings. The best solution to this problem is to get rid of your overcrowded teeth.

Extremely Fragmented Tooth

Teeth could be broken by a rapid impact or other damage to the mouth. These incidents expose the inner tooth pulp, causing sensitivity. Cracked teeth are more likely to become infected and decay. A smashed tooth can cause severe pain to the cheeks and tongue.

Severe Gum Diseases

The last stage of gum disease, severe periodontitis (or gingivitis), affects fewer people. Freedom Dental treats most patients with periodontitis and gingivitis. People who ignore their gum problems can experience bleeding and receding teeth. This stage of gum disease can lead to severe tissue damage, leading to tooth loss. This is when a tooth extraction will be the only option to end the condition.

Do you have one or more of these issues? Freedom Dental can help you get your tooth pulled by Dr. Cheng Zhu. You should schedule your appointment immediately as an infection of a tooth can lead to serious complications. Although you may be worried about the space left after your procedure, your dentist might offer restoration options such as implants. To schedule an appointment, call the Fairfield office in CA or use the online scheduling system.

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