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Elevate Stage Lighting with Light Sky’s BUMBLEBEE

Stage lighting is an essential element in creating captivating and immersive experiences for audiences. Light Sky‘s BUMBLEBEE light, the first domestic low-power, high-brightness, lightweight, and sensitive light, has revolutionized the world of stage lighting. With its exceptional features and cutting-edge technology, the BUMBLEBEE has become a go-to fixture for stage designers worldwide. Let’s explore how the BUMBLEBEE can elevate stage lighting and create mesmerizing visual spectacles.

Powerful lighting capabilities

The BUMBLEBEE’s OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 230W lamp and E-ballast deliver an impressive lighting output. With a color temperature of 8500K and an average lifespan of 2000 hours, this fixture ensures consistent and powerful lighting performance. The BUMBLEBEE operates seamlessly on a wide voltage range, making it suitable for different stage setups and power systems.

Advanced control and functionality

The BUMBLEBEE boasts asophisticated control system that empowers stage designers with precise control over the lighting effects. With a pan range of 540° and tilt range of 250°, the fixture offers automatic and accurate positioning. The 16-channel control mode, including standard DMX512, automatic, and master/slave mode, provides versatility and ease of use. Additional features such as the remote control lamp switch function, display of usage time, and automatic adjustment of cooling fan speed enhance convenience and streamline the operation of the BUMBLEBEE.

Durable and user-friendly design

The BUMBLEBEE is built to withstand the rigors of stage lighting with its heat-proof plastic and module pressing alloy construction. With an IP20 rating, it offers ample protection against dust and solid objects. The lightweight design, weighing just 17.5kg, makes it easy to handle and install. For transportation convenience, the BUMBLEBEE can be packed in a sturdy flycase, ensuring its safety during travel.


Light Sky’s BUMBLEBEE is a game-changer in the realm of stage lighting. With its powerful lighting capabilities, versatile colors, gobos, and effects, advanced control system, and user-friendly design, the BUMBLEBEE empowers stage designers to elevate their lighting compositions to new heights. Whether it’s a theatrical performance, concert, or any live event, the BUMBLEBEE’s exceptional features and cutting-edge technology enable the creation of mesmerizing visual spectacles. Embrace the BUMBLEBEE and witness the transformative power of stage lighting that captivates audiences and brings performances to life.

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