Yugioh Card Game – Basic Information Everyone Needs to Know

The card game Yugioh once made waves in Vietnam and was loved by many young people. So specifically, what is this card game and how to play it? Let’s find out together through the article below.

Answering questions about what is Yugioh card game?

Yugioh is essentially a famous Japanese manga series about the game world. When it was first released in Vietnam, it was known as the “King of Games”.

The series revolves around the fictional game called Duel Monster and was developed Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game in real life. When playing this card game, two players need to try to defeat each other by reducing the opponent’s Life Point to 0 points through the use of monster cards, magic and traps. trap. Trap.

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Necessary items to play the Yugioh card game

To start the game, you need to prepare the following basic support tools:

  • Deck of playing cards: We will have a separate deck of playing cards for this interesting game.
  • Yugioh table: This is where the cards are placed and the game is organized.
  • A coin: Some cards require a coin toss, so you must prepare this tool.
  • A dice: Similarly, there will be some cards that require a dice roll.
  • Counter: Small objects used to mark and track effects on cards.

Basic Yugioh playing card deck

For this Yugioh card game, we will not use the usual deck of cards but will have separate decks of cards as follows:

Main Deck (Main Deck)

This is the deck of cards that players must draw during the participation process. This set has a total of 40 – 60 pieces. To increase the odds of drawing cards, professional card players will use 40 cards.

Extra Deck

In this Yugioh card game we have additional cards, containing cards of the Synchro and Fusion Monsters types. These cards can be used in play if certain requirements are met. The additional deck will have from 0 – 15 cards, not included in the number of the setpost main.

Side Deck

This set will include 0 – 15 cards, not included in the number of the main deck. We can use it to add or remove cards to the main deck between rounds of the Yugioh card game with opponents. Players can freely swap any card in this outer deck with the Main Deck. How to ensure that the number of main cards does not change, there are no 3 cards of the same type.

Overview of Yugioh card game rules

To start the game, people will decide who will start playing first by rolling dice or rock-paper-scissors. Players will arrange all of their cards on a specially designed rectangular deck, and deal them out.wall 2 symmetrical play areas for each player.

Each person participating in the Yugioh card game will be granted 8,000 life points. The match is decided by 3 games. Whoever wins 2/3 or 3/3 in the game is the final winner.

You will be considered a winner in the Yugioh card game when you meet the following conditions:

  • When the remaining opponent’s Lifepoint score is 0 points.
  • At the drawing stage, if your opponent has no more cards to draw, you will also be considered a winner.
  • Or the opponent is dealt a loss due to a bad card result.

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Stages in a turn of the Yugioh card game

A round of playing Yugioh cards will have 6 stages: Draw cards, wait, main stage 1, fight, main stage 2 and the end:

Card drawing stage in the Yugioh card game

In this first stage, the player will draw 1 Yugioh card. At the same time, you are allowed to activate a Trap card.

Waiting phase

In the second phase, players will be allowed to activate a number of magical effects. If you don’t have a magic card, you can skip the waiting step.

Main phase 1 and main phase 2

The properties of these two stages in the Yugioh card game are the same. You can perform a number of operations: Summon monsters, change monster status,…

Battle phase

This is the time to attack the opponent’s monsters. Choose a monster card for yourself, choose a target to attack. Whichever side has no monsters can attack directly, subtracting their Life Points. Each monster will only be able to attack once.

Phase ends

This is when you need to get rid of all the cards that are no longer valid. If you have more than 6 Yugioh cards on the board, you need to remove them.

It can be seen that Yugioh card game is truly a unique and interesting card game genre. There are many interesting things about this genre of articles that you can learn online. Invite your friends now to experience this super “hot” card game genre together.

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