Read Over/Under Bridge – The Secret to Winning Big in Every Over/Under Game

Know Read the Tai Xiu bridge is an important skill in achieving victory for gamers. When you master the ways to read quality Over/Under cards, you will have the opportunity to receive extremely good bonuses from the house. Let’s explore in detail the methods of reading bridges through the article below from New88!
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What is Over/Under?

Tai Xiu, also commonly known as Sicbo, is a famous traditional gambling game in casinos. Tai Xiu originated from casinos in China and has spread throughout many countries around the world. In Vietnam, Tai Xiu is one of the popular card games and attracts the attention of many players.

In the game Sic Bo, players bet on the results of three dice rolled in a cup facing one side of the plate. There are 14 ways to bet in this game, including betting on Over (the total score of the three dice is from 11 to 17), betting on Under (the total score is from 4 to 10), exact bet on some special numbers, and many other ways to bet.

With the support of technology, Sic Bo games have also been developed into online versions and are available on mobile platforms. This helps players participate in the game anytime, anywhere and experience a playing space similar to a traditional casino.

Definition of reading Tai Xiu bridge

Reading Over/Under is a method of predicting the outcome of Over/Under games from experienced players. Correctly applying the methods of reading Over/Under bets will bring high winning chances to players.

Popular types of Over/Under bets

Before becoming a professional player who knows how to read Over/Under bridge, players need to know what types of Over/Under bridge there are. Below are 5 types of Over/Under bets that are popular in the world.

Read the Over/Under bet

This way of reading the Over/Under bridge requires the player to bet big in the early stages of the bridge chain. When you reach the middle and end of the bridge chain, you should play evenly and use folding technology when preparing to enter the bridge reversal phase.

Read the bridge rhythmically

This method is based on observing the trend of 5 sessions (3-2). In the early Sic Bo sessions, when the demand is unclear, players should try to bet evenly and not bet too much money. Once you know the demand in the final session, you can place strong bets to increase your chances of winning big.

Read string bridge 1-1

This way of reading the bridge is similar to reading the flat bridge, the player can continue to apply the big bet method in the early stages of the game and use the over/under method of betting in the later stages of the bridge.

Read the Over/Under island bridge

Reading the bridge this way is the opposite of the trends in previous games. Players need to catch the right moment to have a chance to win big. Winning rate can be from 80% to 99%. For example, if the bridge sequence is 1-2-3, and after the last sequence and the Over/Under bridge are in the same rhythm, then the bridge is in the opposite rhythm, the player can bet his money on the next games.

Read the Tai Xiu prayer spiritually

This method is simple and based on the player’s feeling. If an event occurs while playing that causes you to pause, you can choose the opposite direction from the original bridge. This method is called spiritual prayer reading because it is completely based on the player’s personal feelings.

Experience in reading Tai Xiu bridge effectively

The theory says that when you know how to read Over/Under odds effectively, you will have many opportunities to win. However, what is the secret to reading Over/Under odds most accurately? Let’s see some of New88’s shares!

Research betting history when reading Over/Under bridge

Choosing and exploring the previous Over/Under betting process is an indispensable factor to improve your chances of winning. A deep understanding of the directions of previous results will help you find the most accurate results.

Take full advantage of your ability to retain information to read the Over – Under bridge and bet with the right goal, thereby winning spectacularly!

Apply the laws of probability

Referencing the rules of probability in reading Tai Xiu bridge is an effective method. Because this game is probabilistic, applying the rules of probability will help you choose the best outcome and eliminate the least likely outcomes.

Stop at the right time when reading the Over/Under bridge

Recognizing the stopping point is an important factor in applying the Over/Under bridge reading method. When you stop at the right time, you will at least preserve your investment capital.

So, whether you win or lose, set a stop at the right time for yourself. This is a secret that has been applied by many experts and has brought great results.

Maintain a stable mentality

Trying to maintain a stable mental state is an extremely important factor when participating in the Sic Bo game. Only when you are mentally stable can you make accurate predictions for games when reading the Over/Under bridge. Don’t forget to be patient and trust your own analytical abilities.

Plan your play

Building a detailed and specific Sic Bo playing plan is important to increase your chances of winning big. The usual game plan includes capital management, timing, setting stops and going all-in points.

By sticking to your game plan and applying your Sic Bo reading method, you will be able to play the game consistently and with as few failures as possible.
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What is attractive about playing Sic Bo at New88?

If you want to earn money from online Tai Xiu, first you need to choose a reputable bookmaker – New88 is one of those options.

The reputation of the house

New88 is a reputable bookmaker and highly appreciated by players. This bookmaker operates legally and complies with regulations of regulatory agencies, ensuring fairness and safety for players.

Diverse games

This house offers a diverse and rich series of Sic Bo games, allowing players to have many choices. You can enjoy many versions and variations of this game

Beautiful interface and easy to use

New88 Provides users with an intuitive, easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. You can easily learn and participate in the Sic Bo game quickly and conveniently.

Professional support

Detailed information about the rules, regulations and betting methods for Sic Bo games is always updated. Not only that, this house also has a customer service team with 100 professional and friendly points, ready to answer all questions from all fields and support players throughout the playing process.

Promotion explosion

New88 always offers special offers and promotions for Sic Bo players, including sign-up bonuses, bet refunds and other bonus programs. This helps provide additional value and the opportunity to increase game earnings for players.

Please note that the methods Read the Tai Xiu bridge For reference only and does not guarantee a 100% certain victory. The Sic Bo game also depends on the player’s luck and patience. Explore and experience more, thereby drawing valuable experiences for yourself at the casino New88 and receive irresistible attractive rewards!

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